Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Would it kill them to put a couple of benches in the hallway?

Finally, after almost two and a half weeks, I got my grade problem straightened out. If you remember (and I hope you have more of a life than to remember such trivial dreck), my school installed a new computer system, but for the time being they're going to run the old system parallel to the new. Running two systems for a while is probably the best way to make sure the new system works, but if a problem occurs, it can get interesting. In the new system my grade for that miserable Peachtree class was an A and in the old system my grade was an F. My early attempts at righting the mistake were met with a wall of bureaucracy, but yesterday the teachers came back from vacation and I got it straightened out. But before I got it straightened out, I got to stand in the hallway for an hour and fifteen minutes waiting for an interminable faculty meeting to lurch to a halt. And it turns out I got the highest grade in the class. Yippee. (Note sarcasm.)

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