Friday, August 29, 2003

What people really want.

A few months ago I heard about some group that was studying spam (the email variety) for reasons unknown and wanted people to donate their spam. This project has given me an interesting idea. People with web sites, particularly bloggers, tend to have a bit of an obsession with their referrer logs. Entire sites have been built out of bizarre search requests. So why not aggregate the strange search requests of a large number of web sites? I think this data would reveal the true desires of huge sections of the public, besides the fact that a sizeable percentage of the world's online population are illiterate perverts. The results of such research would be a veritable gold mine for marketers, politicians, academics, etc. Maybe we'd finally get what we really want.

And just what do people really want? Well, here's recent sellection of oddball search requests from my referrer logs: Girl on girl story's no porn, How to get rid of toads in my basement, people humping with clothes on pictures, and hillbilly girls wrestling barefoot.

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