Sunday, August 17, 2003

Reality is overrated.

I hate reality TV. In fact, I'll go so far as to say I hate reality, which shouldn't be a surprise to the two of you who aren't here looking for mongolian girl,porn, PICTURES PEOPLE HUMPING AND HAVING SEX, or grannies free porn. But I digress. What was babbling about? Oh, yeah...reality TV.

I hate reality TV and militantly refuse to watch any of it. Consequently, my TV stays off for long, unhealthy stretches. But, on rare occasions, I get wind of a reality TV show that sparks an interest in me. Lapdance Island is just such a TV show.

Imagine it: ten guys and forty lapdancers. That's gotta be quality TV. Gotta be! Unfortunately I won't get to find out because it, like most of the other interesting TV shows I've heard about over the past year or so, will be airing on Britain's Channel 4.

Meanwhile, on American TV, I'll be subjected to endless hours of dreck that will have me yanking out what's left of my hair.

On second thought, Lapdance Island is a stupid idea for a show and even if I lived in the UK I would sooner pop my eyeballs out with a spoon than be subjected to one nanosecond of its brain-sucking idiocy. [Link via LabMistress.]

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