Wednesday, August 13, 2003


Yesterday afternoon should've been absolutely lovely because I had just gotten my two-CD copy of the Beach Boys' Smile bootleg, but it wasn't to be because of that damn VWJB (virus-writing jizz-bag). I got the first error messages while listening to the second CD and, for a little while, actually wondered if this bootleg was the cause of my Windows freak out.

The Smile material is great, but it's not quite the eye-opening experience I'd hoped it would be. The Pet Sounds boxed set is still number one on my list of amazing audio experiences. When I got that in the mail I could only listen to it for about five minutes and then leave for my miserable job. It was nearly nine hours later before I could come home and give the boxed set a proper listen. I remember sitting in front of my El Cheapo brand CD player with volume low well past midnight hearing Pet Sounds in stereo for the first time ever. Simply glorious. And the outtakes. And the backing tracks. And the vocal tracks. Miracle after miracle.

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