Thursday, August 07, 2003

I don't even have to bother getting out of bed now.

As I've mentioned before, I've been having trouble coming up with daily material for this blog because I have virtually no life. So, rather than getting a life, I've been falling back on oddball links for the time being. But finding oddball links can be time consuming. Enter Drunk Men Work Here, a new kind of blogging service. We don't need another stupid blogging service, you yowl. But this service is totally different from all of the others because once you create your free blog, the rest is taken care of. The content's all randomly generated using (I believe) the Dada Engine. But the end results aren't the gibberish you would expect. What actually gets posted is short, reasonably coherent prose with links to various interesting news stories, gossip, porn, etc. It's not great, but it's interesting, and not radically different from a lot of what I've been offering recently. [Link via Presurfer.]

I actually signed up for two blogs at Drunk Men Work Here. I made an embarrassing mistake in the title of the first, and since none of that sort of thing can be changed with this service, I signed up for a second. The first blog was supposed to be called Pregnant Mule (don't ask why), but since I'm a big dumb hillbilly who can't spell or type, I ended up with Prenant Mule. I figured prenant had to be a word in some language, so I got down my big Larousse French/English dictionary and found out it actually is a word. It means absorbing. So, if anyone asks, I meant to write prenant. Yes. What an absorbing mule. Think anyone will buy such a moronic explanation?

The other blog is Crop Shy Mutt. That title is a word game sort of thing I refuse to explain further.

These blogs aren't much to look at or read, I know, but I find them fascinating. And don't be surprised if some of the content finds its way into this blog.

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