Wednesday, January 06, 2016

I forgot to post in 2015

I put this blog on ice a few years back but I still like to post something at least once a year to let anyone know who may have read this thing in the past that even the though the blog's dead, I'm still puttering around. But I forgot to do that last year. My typical posts go something like, "I can't believe my blog's been around for thirteen years. It's easy to have a blog that lasts for years and years if you never post anything har har har har." I'll spare you such nonsense. Har har har har.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Twelve Long Years

My blog had its twelfth anniversary a couple of weeks ago. I almost missed it, but I remembered this morning in a flash of pointlessness. And as I say each time I post about my blog anniversary, it's easy for your blog to be around a long, long time if you never post anything in it.

When I first posted this I was under the mistaken impression that my blog was fourteen years old. As always, I'm really bad at math.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

I'm sick

It's time for an annual blog post but there's nothing to write about other than I have a bad cold. And my cat is incurably insane.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Annual Post! (I Think.)

Yep, I decided to actually post something here just to prove to the internet that I'm not dead ( I just smell that way). My blog's eleven years old, but since I never post anything that's kind of irrelevant.

So, you ask, what have I been up to? Nothing. It's not like I've been posting loads of awesome stuff at some other place and you're missing out. Nope. I don't do much posting of anything much on the internet, but since I got a nice used DSLR on Ebay I've been taking loads more pictures of my stupid cat, Cheeto, and posting some of them on Flickr. The one above is one of my favorites; Cheeto on top of the fridge mesmerized by a bug in a ceiling light. And I've been known to post videos of Cheeto on YouTube in vain hope that he'll take the internet by storm. So far the internet doesn't give a rat's ass about Cheeto. I guess it doesn't matter because Cheeto's kind of a dick.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

This is now a cat picture blog

Here's Cheeto suckling a pair of hedgehogs.Weirdo.

Monday, January 07, 2013

New Post!

I'm in the thinking about it stage of deciding to mothball this blog and start a different one. But don't worry, I'm not taking it down. My Postum entry alone deserves to be available for all eternity.

This new blog I mentioned? It'll be totally different at first, but then after I get bored it'll end up the same way with either gloomily wacky entries or no entries. I don't know when I'll do it, or even if I'll do it.

Friday, November 23, 2012

This is what ruined my life

Back in August a couple of kittens showed up and I got the bright idea to adopt the orange one. How bad can a cat be, I thought. Cheeto's a bad, bad kitty. Oh, well, I had a good run.

Also, the tenth anniversary of this sad blog passed a couple of weeks ago. Ten years! It's ancient! But it's easy to reach your tenth anniversary in the blogging world if you never post anything anymore. When's the last time I posted something? January? When's the last time I posted regularly? 2008?

(And I have no idea how the photo of Cheeto got glitched. It was fine when I uploaded it. Maybe it's the pure evil rattling around in his little doorknob head.)