Saturday, August 23, 2003

Here comes the big sweaty guy! Run!

Yesterday I was at school signing up for a couple of extra classes in an attempt to lighten my load next semester. I had to walk across campus a couple of times, and since it was 350° F outside, by the time I was standing in line in the bookstore I was soaking wet. I'm sure at least one person standing behind me must've thought, "Man, I hope that big sweaty guy isn't in any of my classes."

The start of the Fall semester is always the most chaotic because that's when all the freshmen show up. And it doesn't matter if the freshmen are straight out of high school or rapidly approaching 50, they annoy me because many of them don't seem to have the slightest idea what they've gotten themselves into. But things calm down a little by the start of the Spring semester, partly because quite a few people just decide not to return.

I'm taking five classes (I think), and will probably be really loaded down with work. I may have to suspend my daily postings here and just do 3-4 a week. I really don't know. Actually I hope I'll have both the time to do the daily postings and get plenty of material from being forced to interact with other human beings.

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