Sunday, September 21, 2003

Would the Great Leader approve?

The North Koreans have been getting up to some rather odd things recently in an effort to make money. I found an online lottery scheme late last year. They also have an online casino. I can't imagine real communists resorting to this kind of stuff to scrape up cash. They'll have an eBay-type site next, I suppose.

The oddest thing for me about these sites is that they're offering freeware, especially something called VOD Recorder, which supposedly allows one to record "[...]TV and radio program without TV cards or VCRs." And it's "[...]capable of recording movies, internet programs, music, and music videos available on the internet, and allows you to record and enjoy realtime radio and TV broadcasts without the use of a VCR." I've done quite a bit of searching on VOD Recorder on Google, but all the references to this specific program were in either Korean or Japanese. I don't think I'm brave enough to download North Korean software yet, so don't wait for a product review anytime soon.

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