Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Car Trouble, part IIX

As I pulled into the school parking lot, something about the car suddenly felt odd. I can't explain the feeling, but I could tell something wasn't right. I parked it, turned off the engine, and saw smoke coming out from under the hood. I thought, Great, now it's on fire. I popped the hood open and stood there as smoke poured from one spot. I pretended I knew what I was looking for. Mainly I was making sure the car actually wasn't on fire. If it had been I probably would've started jumping up and down and yelling, "My car's on fire! My car's on fire!" But it wasn't on fire, there was engine coolant, or something like that, spraying on the engine from a leak in seal. Or something. I don't know.

From behind me I heard a girl yell, "Sir! Sir! Do you need my cell phone?" (I know I'm older than her, but does she have to rub it in?) I told her I didn't need it.

After the smoke let up I just got my books and went to class. What else could I have done? If it burned up at least the damn thing's insured.

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