Friday, September 05, 2003

Oh, the agony is endless.

I'm late posting because my car broke down on my way to school; there were funny lights on the dashboard, strange noises from the engine, etc. Lovely. I parked it in some grass and began the nearly mile long walk back home. I was in a fairly populated neighborhood, but I didn’t see anyone. You’d think someone would want to know what I was doing.

I walked about a quarter mile and realized I’d left my keys in the ignition, so I turned around and began walking back. After a few minutes a cousin (and neighbor) stopped and gave me a lift to school. His wife had passed me earlier and called him on her cell phone.

And after all of this nonsense, I wasn’t even late for class. I just hope the repairs aren’t going to cost me a fortune.

I only had a two hour class, but I ended up having to spend at least four-and-a-half hours there because I couldn't get my parents on the phone. I just got home about a half hour ago.

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