Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Make him stop!

Back at the beginning of summer I bought one of those ultra-cheap digital cameras. You know the type that cost between $15-$30 and are usually found in hanging in blister-packs near the cash register. I paid $25 for mine and I knew up front that it would be a piece of junk. But I wanted a new toy, so I bought it. Once I got it home I couldn't get it to work, no matter what I did. The camera would tell me I had photos in it, but the software on my computer would tell me there were no photos in the camera. I couldn't return it because of the asinine return policy of the store I bought it from. It ended up spending the next three months in a box, almost completely forgotten. I'd planned on attacking it again, but I just didn't have the energy.

Monday I got it out, reinstalled the software, got the computer to detect the camera, etc. and then something totally unexpected happened--the thing actually worked. So now I'm in possession of a digital camera. So what, you say. Go away, you boring imbecile, you say. Ah, but you're missing the point by focusing on my obvious talent to irritate. What this all means is that I can now start that most dreaded of things, the photo blog. So now I can not only annoy and bore people with my words, but also with my mind-numbingly stupid and boring low resolution photos. I've already started it, but since there's only two pictures in it, I'm not going to link to it yet. I'll probably wait until I have maybe three pictures.

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