Thursday, September 18, 2003

Batten down the hatches!

The hurricane should hit sometime in the afternoon. According the projected path it's supposed to take, it's going to come right through here. We go through this sort of thing every few years and nothing much happens except for flooding and occasional power outages, but either way it's no fun when the wind is blowing so hard the house groans. I'm glad I'm 200 miles from the coast.

My life is worth about six dollars an hour.

Once I was working this crummy second shift temp job at a jerkwater textile mill when a hurricane blew through. I figured they'd let us out early, know...WE COULD ALL DIE. But they kept us there the whole time. When I went out into the parking lot at 11:30 PM it was raining sideways. I held my umbrella like a shield in front of me and surprisingly didn't get that wet. There weren't that many vehicles on the streets, but several of the ones I did see were from the National Guard.

About a mile from home I have to cross a tiny bridge that often disappears during flooding. As I approached the bridge a car in front of me slowed down severely. I just assumed he/she was slowing to make sure the bridge was still above water, but the car made a left turn into the parking lot of a nightclub, the only building in that area. I guessed the car was going to turn around, but when I looked at the parking lot I saw it was full. Hurricane party?

The bridge was still there and I drove home. The next day, the bridge had vanished under a small temporary lake.

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