Saturday, September 06, 2003

Warning: Unbridled Nudity! In 3-D!

A month or so back I mentioned anaglyphs (the type of 3-D imaging that requires the glasses with the red and blue lenses), and since then I've gotten multiple hits for people looking for porn/nude/etc. anaglyphs. Today, out of total boredom (and slobbering perversion) I decided to see if I could dig up some. I found one that was a sample at some nudie site. The 3-D effect is quite good. At Erotica Photographica I hit the motherload. There's all kinds of 3-D nudity. I mainly looked at the cool selection of free stereoscopic nudes rather than the anaglyphs. Great, but headache inducing.

A cool non-nude anaglyphic 3-D site is Steve's 3-D. I also found a site called Nude Anaglyphs, but, to my great disappointment, it seems to contain no nudes. The 3-D images are very good, despite the false advertising.

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