Friday, September 19, 2003

Pichers of nekkid wimmen!

People keep hitting my blog after doing a search for things like stereographic nudes, anaglyphic nudes, etc. So, mainly out of sense of duty to any hapless web surfer who may drift this way (and not out of throbbing, sweaty perversion), I've dug up a couple more links to add to those I listed on my September 6 entry on this same subject.

Boris Starosta's Stereoscopic Art of 3-D Photography is mainly an add for a CD-ROM, but there's lots of free samples of 3-D nudes in both stereographic and anaglypic forms.

3-D Beauty, another Boris Starosta site, also features free samples (although probably the same stuff as above).

My favorite of these (purely for scientific purposes, mind you) is still Erotica Photographica. Tons of free photos.

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