Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Some tiresome vignettes.

Yesterday as I left the house to go to my miserable night class I met two wild turkeys loitering in the front yard. They were about fifteen or twenty feet away. As soon as I stepped out they began trotting away toward the woods. I seriously thought of tossing my books down and chasing them accross the yard, but I just moped to my car instead.

When I got to school this morning I quickly realized I'd left my programming homework at home. Luckily I don't live that far away so I drove back home. When I got back to class I got to see the teacher attempt to sit in a swivel chair and miss. He ended up almost flat on his back on the floor. He was OK, but it was more horrifying to me than funny. What if he'd cracked his head open? I don't know first aid. And why can't this sort of thing happen to the teachers I really don't like?

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