Monday, July 21, 2003

The wayward tipo metres marshall

Ah, it's always nice to find people even more devoted to gibberish than I am. [Link via Bifurcated Rivets.]

But yet I don't own a watch

Friday I had a handwritten clock and today I have a glowing firefly clock. [Link via The Presurfer.]

Sadism for the lazy

Got an urge to slap a guy around? Stop lying! I know for a fact that you're just dying to slap a guy around! Well, now you can slap to your demented heart's content from the comfort of the chair in front of your computer. Just move the mouse pointer back and forth across the screen. Clicking makes other things happen. Ingenious. Sinsiter. Ultimately tiresome. [Link via Everlasting Blort.]

My favorite was the topless ventriloquist

I have no idea exactly what this is supposed to be, but I found it while searching Google yesterday (proabably for something filthy, no doubt). The main site is for a company that does web development and there isn't a link for the little picture show. I wonder why.

Who needs real content?

I found a link in my referrer logs to a site called Slackstation I'd never heard of, so I went to see if they had a link to me. What I found was a bit odder than I expected. It looks like a standard blog, except the main entry is in what appears to be Latin. The comments were listed below the entry. I scrolled down and found a comment I had left at Dooce a few months back. On closer inspection, I think all of these comments were lifted from Dooce. The archive links are for a blog called Tokyo Shoes that doesn't seem to have anything to do with Slackstation. The main Slackstation page reads "Slackstation 2.0 Coming Soon!", so I guess the Latin page is just for testing purposes, unless anyone else has a better idea.

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