Sunday, July 20, 2003

Headlines are slightly useful

I've decided to include headlines at the beginning of each tiresome entry in a futile effort to make things slightly more understandable. Or something.

I've been wanting to add headlines for a long time, but I kept forgetting. It's sad, I know.

Neato free software you don't need!

I typically don't gush over software here because there's far too much gushing over software online for my tastes, but today I'll make an exception.

Ever need to convert a document to a .pdf file, but were just too damn cheap to buy whatever overpriced thing Adobe was selling? No? Well, humor me.

There's a free program called Cute PDF Printer that makes .pdf documents from various file formats. I downloaded it and then tested it out on an unwieldy 22 page Word document with illustrations. It worked seamlessly. Acrobat Reader 4.0 had no trouble opening and navigating the newly minted .pdf file. I was amazed. Really, I was.

Apparently Cute PDF Printer is a slicked up version of GNU Ghostscript that'll run on Windows. (Or at least it's connected to GNU Ghostscript in some way.) I fiddled with Ghostscript a bit in Linux a few months ago and had no luck with it, but Cute PDF is simple as possible. So if you need this sort of thing, download it.

If Cute PDF chews up the important file you need for tomorrow's big presentation, or it makes sparks shoot out of your computer, don't blame me. I also have no idea if its spyware, but I doubt it is.

If I reviewed software for a living I'd starve in the street.

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