Thursday, July 17, 2003

I love those free automatic translation programs like Babelfish, but I think I like them mainly because they simply don't work right. Yesterday Icelandic Guy wrote something in Icelandic in my comments and I translated it with Newstran, the only free translation program online I know of that will deal with this language. Of course the results are gibberish, so I don't know how useful it is: "Eg is even snuggle up to think about snuggle up to put laxity river thee river blogginu minus/ our...v?ri there not pretty? By jingo, you direction there return pay lip service to everything ;fn) publicity and uninterested river 'Islendingum. You return probably not or? with accordingly whom I sayest/ write while is there not only tight? You do today thus hot about computer, canst not only Babelfiska? ;fn)?" Sure. Why not.

Even more interesting is when I used this same page to translate Volume22 into something that, at least to my untrained eyes, looks like Icelandic. Actually it's not that interesting to me because I can't read Icelandic. No, what's really interesting is when you take the Icelandic translation and have it translated back into English. Scary. Scary.

I also fond a list of Icelandic curse words and insults. (Once someone from a US Marine base hit my blog after searching Google for icelandic for jackass. Too bad I didn't know about this site then or maybe I could've helped the guy out.)

Language doesn't really work, does it?

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