Sunday, July 13, 2003

Last night while trolling for weirdness, I found two strange Japanese web pages that were devoted to english phrases and sentences. The first page seemed like an online collection of English medical jargon because all of the phrases are things like, "deep-vein thrombosis", "recombinant circumsporozoite protein vaccine", "monitoring system for senile dementia", and "receive bath services provided by visiting nursing-care workers". But if you scroll down a little farther things suddenly get non-medical: "make money over the Internet by e-mail", "cyber squatting", "nuclear fuel processing facility", "intergalactic gas clouds", "piss for shits and giggles", and "commit property crimes to obtain money for buying drugs". All of the phrases are categorized, but what precisely it all means I can't even imagine.

The second Japanese page is more easily understood; it's obviously an online Japanese/English dictionary of some sort, probably intended for Japanese tourists. The odd thing is that many of the words don't seem to be the typical things tourists would need to say and even odder are the example sentences that show how the words are used. If this page is for tourists I can't imagine what kind of violent and bizarre holiday they expect. While on vacation have any of you ever said anything even remotely like, "The cops are after me", "There was blood all over", "We're running out of ammo", "She bashed the robber on the head with a frying pan", "He made a lot of money by ripping off old people", or "They say that Hitler had only one ball"?

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