Friday, July 18, 2003

UK artist Adele Prince understandably wasn't too thrilled with me for calling her site, Lost Something, dull. (I didn't realize it was art. Honest!) So she suggested I have a look at a few of her other sites.

Easy Exercises is a peculiar collection of Flash animation and Quicktime clips. Very clever, but since I'm a hillbilly who lives out in the boondocks and connects to the vast and sinister internet with a dial-up connection, I couldn't look at that many of the video clips. But I really wanted to.

How to pass the time when you are bored uses Flash animation to illustrate, to a certain extent, some of the things a person can do to pass the time when they're bored. Amusing and vaguely creepy, but I find a lot of Flash stuff vaguely creepy. (The background music interfered with my Wilco CD. I hate when that happes.)

Things get a bit more familiar with her Dream Diary, which is basically a blog. Except it's dreams. Or something like that.

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