Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Fan mail, I think.

It's rare for me to get email that's specifically about this site. Very rare. Usually what's in my inbox is spam, the klez virus, and stuff that's unclassifiable. But today I found an actual email that pertained to this site:

Hi, I happened upon your site when a friend challenged me to see if I could find mongol porn. I googled for "mongolian porn" and your blog archive popped up fairly high... So, now you finally have that hit for Mongolian porn! :)

This is a reference to an entry I wrote back in January, I think, where I said something like, "I can't wait until I get a hit for Mongolian porn." If I'd never gotten a hit for Mongolian porn, this email would really excite me. But the mind-numbingly tedious truth is I've gotten at least one hit for Mongolian porn virtually every week since January. It's a phenomena I simply don't understand. Why would so many people search for something that probably doesn't exist? Maybe they're just trying to Googlewhack.

And it's not just searches for Mongolian porn that perplex me. I also get regular hits from people looking for North Korean porn and Icelandic porn. Often the people looking for the Icelandic porn are from Iceland. If you were Icelandic and were searching Google for Icelandic porn, wouldn't it be logical for the words you type into the search engine to be in Icelandic? But they're always in English.

Some of you will argue, Well, if you keep mentioning this stupid stuff, people will seach it. But why are people searching for this stuff? It shouldn't matter that I've written about it; if it doesn't exist, why search for it? I can mention all kinds of stupid made up stuff like dust-mite porn, erotic farming techniques, hovercraft nipples, etc., but that won't explain why I'll probably get hits for at least one of these in the next month. It's all very strange and I simply don't understand it.


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