Monday, June 23, 2003

The trip was fairly uneventful, but here's a few highlights:

Since the tedium of riding for hours and hours is nearly unbearable to me, I brought a multi-band radio that picks up AM/FM, VHF TV, air traffic, fire/police, and weather. I was prepared for anything. About twenty minutes into the trip my El Cheapo brand headphones broke in half, so I had to hold one of the pieces up to my ear for twenty miles until we stopped to get a roll of tape to repair them. It didn't really matter anyway, since much of that long stretch of highway from Danville to Richmond goes through desolate farmland and the occasional jerk-water town. There was little to hear on the radio.

One thing I did hear on the radio was that Dick Cheney and a battalion of Secret Service agents were also going to be in Richmond today. Thankfully we avoided that circus.

On the way back, about 25 miles from home, I saw a house that had what I can only describe as a folk art flying saucer in their front yard. We drove by pretty fast, so I didn't get a lingering look at this oddity, but it was definitely a flying saucer. Who knows why the people that lived there put this bizarre contraption in their front yard. It's times like this I wish I was one of those people who carries a camera around with them everywhere they go.

After riding over 300 miles, my eyes are so bloodshot it looks like I'm really hung-over or I've been having a crying fit.

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