Friday, June 27, 2003

Once at my favorite thrift store I saw a funeral wreath. It was one of the kind that's on a stand, and the store employees inexplicably placed it in a corner beside the book section. (Clearly it should have gone in the sporting goods section.) It wasn't there long before someone bought it. I can't even begin to imagine the series of events that had to occur before the wreath ended up in this store.

At the same store I saw an artificial leg (with shoe) standing in the appliance section. It too was quickly bought. And on several occasions I've seen those old-timey weight reduction machines that have a wide belt that goes around your problem area and when you turn the motor on it rapidly jiggles the hell out of you. (They were a favorite prop in old movie comedies of the thirties and forties.) These contraptions are also snapped up as soon as they appear. And who knows what kind of bizarre scenarios are enacted once these things arrive at their new homes.

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