Thursday, June 12, 2003

A couple of days ago at Metafilter there was a passing mention of Mike Keith's World of Words & Numbers in a thread about Since I'm always interested in cranks, I hit Keith's page and was surprised at the inventiveness on display. I wouldn't call Mike Keith a crank for recasting Poe's The Raven according the numbers in pi anymore than I would call the members of the Oulipo cranks for doing things like writing an entire novels containing no words with the letter e. Keith's site doesn't have bizarre theories about the hollow Earth or information on how to make tinfoil hats to prevent mind-control, it's just literature of an extremely rigorous sort. So read and enjoy. Or don't. Either way it has no bearing on my life because I'm going to be very busy developing special shoes made of beef jerky that I believe will give me powers of invisibility.

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