Monday, June 30, 2003

Animals, particularly dogs, tend to mark their territory with urine. I wonder if this technique would work to prevent break-ins of homes and cars. Maybe the primitive part of the human brain would kick in at the smell of the urine and burglars would keep away. But now that I think about it, if the burglar was a big tough guy and the homeowner was a little shrimpy guy, then more than likely the big tough guy wouldn't be intimidated by the puny guy urine. So the puny homeowner would need to procure urine from a really big tough guy and pour that all around his home and on his car. The value of really big tough guy urine is sure to sky-rocket if it's found to be a deterent to burglars. But it would probably be a deterent to everyone. Who's going to come to your house or ride in your car if everything stinks like piss? (Back to the drawing board. Again.)

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