Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Family Life with Giant Chicken

This is day four in my slog down memory lane inside the Golden Book Encyclopedia.

One of my favorite things about the illustrations in these volumes is how they would meld related things together that makes (more or less) perfect sense to an adult, but just confuses the heck out of a kid.

In the illustration for the article on Family Life, we see a typical 50's suburban family on an outing. But, oddly, on the other side of the hill from their picnic table, is a family of Laplanders. Also, even stranger, above the Laplanders is a family of cavepeople who seem, based on their facial features, a few rungs lower on the evolutionary ladder than everyone else in this drawing. Suburban dad (with his pipe clenched in his teeth) appears to be looking right at the cavewoman, while his wife and daughter are completely oblivious.

And below is the giant chicken I mentioned in the comments of the previous post. Well, it may be a regular sized chicken and a tiny monument, but I prefer to think of it as a horrifically giant chicken.

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