Tuesday, March 04, 2008

That’s why we now have a law about humanity

Being a student is hard. Especially if you're stupid. It's even harder when some jackass blogger with nothing better to do buys your old laptop on Ebay for $23, copies some of your old school work off the harddrive, and then posts it on his lame blog so the whole world can laugh at you:
In the movie, they told us where eugenics and sterlizetation first started which was the United States. They where trying to improve the human race, and trying to remove disease. Then Germany thought the same thing; they wanted to be just like us. They first started with the handicap. They made them so they could not have children. One day Hitler wrote a letter telling the doctors to give the people a mercy death or euthanasia. Then they took Jews from the ghettos and took them to concentration camps where the doctors played god. They did twin experiments, elevation experiments, water experiments, and brain experiments. With the twins they put them in a room nude for 6-8 hours. Measuring and checking, operating and not feeding them. In the elevation experiments they put a person in a room and lowered the pressure. And operated on the brain to see what happened or they look though a window to observe. In the water experiments they put people in ice cold water to see how they would react then they would try to revive them. Some ways by putting warm water in the body and other ways as well. With the brain experiments they took and person and hurt the head in some and then they cut the head open and looked at what happened. One doctor said that “Jews where evil and they brought all the bad things on Germany. They could not stand the Jews for this, that’s why they had the ghettos. They could have no peace with the Jews, and the Jews carried a lot of the disease”. After all the experiments where though with a lot of people they took them to a gas chamber and killed them a doctor had to be there to over see it and to make sure they where dead. After that they took them to ovens and burned the bodies and remains. In my opinion about the Nazi was that they where sick. They should not be able to do this to people. That’s why we now have a law about humanity.
I just hope this wasn't written for a college class.

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