Thursday, October 02, 2003

Some filler while my brain rests.

I've got a backlog of stupid search requests.

cannibalism porn
In these movies when someone screams out, "Eat me!" in the throes of passion, it means something completly different than what it means in all the regular porn you've seen.

mongolian hairdo
I really don't know.

funny fetal position images
Fetuses are a rich vein of humor to mine.

tree pichers
The internet is a valuable educational tool.

bums hobos porno
Sure, why not. Bums and hobos need to make porn too.

pert english bottoms
I'd probably get a lot more traffic if I had pert English bottoms on my blog. Hell, then I could charge money.

what trees smell like sewage
I live near a sewage treatment facility, so on some days when the wind shifts, everything smells like sewage.

photos of half human half chimp
I wish I had access to a half human half chimp or two. Just think of the porno I could make.

I'm not Korean, so I can't presume to speak for an entire nation and ethnic group, but I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Korean men probably like the kind of porno with naked people having sex.

"hillbilly living" + pictures
OK, I may be a working class guy who grew up in the rural South with family members who've made moonshine in the past, but still I kind of resent being number 1 for this search.

korean translation wanna die
Does this mean that you want the Korean equivelent of "wanna die"? Or maybe you've been translating Korean all day and you want to die? More information, please. No, never mind, I don't care.

the teacher touched my nipple
I know the fantasy sounds all erotic and everything, but the reality is gross and more than a little creepy. Believe me, I've been there.

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