Friday, October 03, 2003

EastEnders outrage from around the web.

There's a new petition with over 7,800 signatures (more than twice the amount of the previous petition). (But, in comparison, the petition for Futurama I signed last year had over 130,000 signatures and the show still got cancelled.) Sign it anyway, please.

A site devoted to British royalty (a subject I have no interest in whatsoever) called Everything Royal has declared war on BBC Amerika [maybe if I misspell it their damn ads won't appear at the top of my blog again]. Kind of makes my rant from last Sunday seem watered-down.

There's a new EastEnders forum that I didn't find out about until last Sunday, a day too late.

Monday BBC Amerika had an online chat thing with the head of programming where he explained why EastEnders had to be cancelled even though it pained them to do it. Most everyone, I hope, saw this ploy as nothing more than an attempt at damage control. I had a class during this time so I only caught the last five minutes of it. The transcript can be read here.

If you have no interest in EastEnders, I thank you for your patience. And now I'll return you back to our regular programming about failed quests, strange porn, 3-D photos, robots, etc.

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