Saturday, July 12, 2008

When high tech trickles down to the riff-raff

This morning I decided to see if Radio Shack had any iPod armor. [Old guy digression: I remember when Radio Shack was a cool store with all kinds of fascinating junk, but now it's just iPod stuff, video game crap, home theater, etc.]

Inside there was a hot girl also shopping for iPod stuff. Naturally, they had exactly what Little Miss Yummybutt needed for her iPod, but mine is too old. I bought a refurbished 4th generation 20GB model for $90. Apparently those are junk now. No, the guy behind the counter didn't tell me it was junk, but he sort of behaved like he was holding an antique.

So, I'm not taking it work.

The above image is a scan of the sticker that was on the screen of my ultra-cheap Coby 1GB mp3 player I bought last month for $20 whole dollars. This is what I've been taking to work over the past few days so I could listen to podcasts. I was amused by the "VOL 22", but I'm sure none of you find it the least bit amusing. As a retaliatory gesture, I've infested all of your homes with termites. So there.

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