Monday, July 21, 2008

Still crazy after all these weeks

This morning the crazy guy was back at work after being off for a month on "medical leave". How he even still had a job after getting caught high off his ass by one of the bosses is beyond me, but they don't pay me to think.

So, you're asking, is he still crazy? Yes. Yes, he is. This afternoon I was meticulously using a drill press to countersink tiny holes in little aluminum rectangles when he came up behind me and went, "Waaahhh! Lookout!" My fingers were only an inch or two away from the 3/8 inch countersink drill. Ordinarily, I'm wound fairly tight and would've jumped out of my skin, but for some reason he didn't startle me. Maybe I've developed a sixth sense for crazy people.

I imagine he'll sort of be on good behavior for a week or two (or at least a few days), and then be back to his usual weirdo-crazed-stoned self.

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