Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shop 'till you barf

We've had (and are still having) lots of new stores opening in this area recently. Why, I don't know considering we have one of the highest unemployment rates in the state. But someone somewhere thinks we have money, so we get new stores.

Sam's Club opened in the past few months, but I never went there because I thought paying $40 for the privilege of shopping there was stupid; I knew they wouldn't have anything I wanted to buy. But, at work, I got a chance to get a business account card for $35, and, for some mysterious reason, I decided to get one. Well, Saturday I had my new card and ventured into the store for the first time. I was sorely disappointed.

The store has lots of stuff, some of it I would actually buy, but just didn't want any of it. Also, the prices on electronic doo-dads and gizmos wasn't anything special. Ooh, look, a PSP for $2 cheaper than I can get at Wal-Mart. Big deal. They didn't even have beef-flavored ramen. Bastards.

Next store!

Target just opened in the past week, I believe. I expected big things at Target. The store looked huge on the outside, but inside seemed cramped. They had lots of stuff, but nothing I really wanted. I can't see going back anytime soon because the place gave me the willies from all of the crowded crap and people. Maybe when the new store smell wears off it'll be safe to go back there and shop in relative peace.

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