Monday, July 14, 2008

Filth! (But it doesn't matter since no one is reading this.)

I learned a new way of communicating joy today. The second in command began a strange litany as he measured a part I'd just taken out of the CNC machine.

"2.190? 2.190! Titties! [Pause.] .198? .198! Titties! [Pause.] 2.120? 2.120. Titties! [Pause.] That's just beautiful."

Apparently, in his world, saying titties was like saying great or excellent. Very strange. Incidentally, he's the same guy who often uses the peculiar phrase, "you're shitting in the tall grass now" when he thinks you're doing something right.

Pointless side note: I think my least favorite word in the English language is titty. It just makes me cringe. Why, I don't know, but I hate the word. I have no problem with tits, boobs, knockers, jugs, or whatever stupid euphemism for breasts anyone cares to come up with, but the word titty simply makes my skin crawl.

I also loathe the word britches. [Shudder.]

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