Saturday, June 30, 2007


I've been de-junkifying my office over the past few days. I took two loads of books, magazines, and other unidentifiable detritus to Goodwill. Also, I threw away a bunch of stuff. Did I really need to keep every single box I've gotten in the mail over the past couple of years? Probably not. The room is now four times the size it was at this time last week.

The great thing about getting rid of lots of unwanted junk is that you end up finding interesting stuff you forgot you had. While getting rid of all those photography and auto racing magazines, I stumbled across several vintage girly magazines my sister gave me a few years ago. I totally forgot about these. The cool thing about them is that they were all obscure competitors with Playboy who have long since fallen by the wayside. Ever heard of Cavalier? Gent? How about Dude? No, me neither.

I'd love to have a big collection of 50's and 60's girly magazines. So if you were wondering, gently used vintage girly magazines would be the perfect gift for me. No, actually the perfect gift for me right now would be a new camcorder. Maybe one of those fancy ones with the hard drive. But I digress.

The ads, cartoons, and articles are probably the most interesting things about these magazines. For example, this bizarre cartoon from the February 1967 issue of Rogue:

Seriously, what the hell's going on here?

But my favorite is this deranged ad from the May 1964 issue of Carnival:

Did they really think this clumsy drawing of a freakish, grinning weirdo would sell a product about reducing wrinkles? Sure, I'd buy a product that will make me look like I should be fighting Batman.

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