Friday, June 08, 2007

The sound of stupid

Since I have nothing else to post and no energy to actually make a real post, you'll have to make do with this collection of the dregs of my referral logs.

japanese girl barrel eels movie
I really don't want to know.

older cunnilingus techniques
Ask your grandpa, not me.

turkey homemade sex
What...? Why...? How...?

good picture for wanking
I suggest nude photos of Ed Asner.

Eel Girl gifs
Eel Girl?! Gah!

ways to fuck yourself with an electric toothbrush
Sadly, all of them are stupid.

shower clean vagina later dirty
Oddly, I have the same results for my various body parts.

monster vagina's
New from the publishers of Hustler!

porno cream taste
Ben and Jerry's unsuccessful new flavor.

man wanking at work
Which is good a reason as any for mandatory glass desks at all workplaces. Stop that wanking at once!

spanking machines in bars
Yet another reason to stay out of bars. Unless you like spanking.

wanking clips
I'm sure this searcher was looking for video clips of wanking, but I prefer to think they were looking for some sort of mechanical clip to be used while wanking. I'm a sad, sad man.

accidentally peeing on road images
Of all the things to accidently pee on, road images would be pretty far down on my list.

thousand wanks porn
At the 1,001st attempt at wanking does the porn lose its power?

self wank in front of women
"Self wank"?

sore and :bottom gum"
Is the "bottom gum" the cause or the cure of the soreness?

batman's sister
I don't know why I find this one so funny.

homebrew penis
Feeling lonely?

spanking bank
Do they have an ATM?

create your own virtual ventriloquist doll
Because a real ventriloquist doll isn't nearly creepy enough.

dipping tobacco and masturbating
Get off my internet!

what cunnilingus techniques work for me
This is one of the many things you don't need the internet to tell you.

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