Thursday, June 14, 2007

Wanton You Tubery

Since I'm stuck on a crappy dial-up connection I haven't spent too much time at You Tube. I've looked at a few things, but it just takes too long for the clips to load when I'm poking along at 33.2 Kbps. Also, it really sucks when you're halfway through loading some stupid video clip and the connection dies. Yay, I get to start all over again! Kill me now.

Anyway, since I'd been shooting more video clips lately I decided to upload a few short (very short) ones for your amusement. So, here's some infrared trees, some infrared yard, some geese and some more geese.

Don't expect me to embed the You Tube viewer in my posts ever. I hate those and almost never look at them because they take too long to load for the reasons explained above. So there.

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