Friday, June 01, 2007

An all reptile post

No birds, I promise.

This morning I was down at the river looking at the [deleted]. When I was leaving I noticed a lizard sunning itself on the concrete. It kindly posed for a picture.

After I got home I saw something out of the corner of my eye as I walked to the front door. At first I thought it was a lizard's tail, but when I looked I saw it was a little black snake. It was out in the open and began rearing up and making threatening movements at me, which weren't particularly threatening considering the snake was less than a foot and half long. I watched it for a bit and then it took off for an azalea bush. There it started vibrating the tip of its tail in the dry leaves making a rattlesnake-like sound, something I'd only ever seen on nature programs.

I got one good picture, but the snake disappeared before I could chase it out of the bushes. What I would've done with it once I got it out of the bush isn't clear. I didn't really want to pick it up since it was fairly agitated and would've certainly bit me. If I could've got it by the very tip of its tail I probably could've gotten it far away from the house and flung it away, but I didn't really get a chance.

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