Tuesday, July 03, 2007

More archaeology

Since the previous post went over so well [note: sarcasm], for my next post I was going simply type the word poop 376 times, but I was inspired to do something else. I can always save the poop for later.

Jeff over The Phantom Tollbooth has written a post about a Science Fiction movie he did a bit part in during the mid 90's. Now I've never done anything cool like be in a movie (home movies don't count and neither does my right arm appearing on YouTube), but once I got to be on a movie set. Well, actually I had a job where a movie had been filmed seven or eight years previously.

It was summer and fall of 1997 and I got a job as a temp at the school for snooty rich girls. The movie that had been filmed there was the wretched Dudley Moore/Daryl Hannah romantic comedy, Crazy People. And despite the fact that the movie had been shot there years before I got there, there was still plenty of evidence that it had been a movie set. When we were cleaning out old storage areas I found complete screenplays, a Paramount interoffice envelope, a shot list, and even a photocopy of a storyboard:

The movie isn't all that good, like I said. Dudley Moore's character plays an ad exec and the ads that he comes up with when he's losing his mind are funny, but not enough to suffer the rest of the film. So, to save you the trouble of watching Crazy People, here's the funniest thing in it:

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