Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ooooh, scary road!

In the newspaper this morning there was an article about a new book called Weird Virginia. (The book's part of a series, each dedicated to a state.) Apparently here in Danville there's a "gravity hill", one of those places where things (namely vehicles) seem to roll uphill. Often these are tourist traps, but the one here is just an obscure section of road. I've always wanted to experience one of these and had no idea that there was one in my own hometown. Of course, the gravity-defying effects are just an optical illusion, but the newspaper article didn't mention that. Typical.

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Anonymous said...

well on gravity hill your car will roll up hill by goast pulling it because in the woods across from the road is a hunted house that was burned down many of years ago and if u put power on your bumper when u go to gravity hill u will see finger prints on your bumper. no lie i have done that before.