Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Where'd you say you found that?

Around eleven or so, I looked over from the CNC machine I was running and saw the crazy guy showing the second in command an odd-looking black rubber coil. I wondered what it was and tried to get a better look. It had scales. At first I thought it was a very realistic rubber snake. I walked over and saw it was a real snake that was quite alive. The crazy guy was walking around the machine shop with a goddamn two foot long black rat snake.

"Where'd you find it," I asked.

"It was way over there on the other side of Billy's desk."

He was holding the snake around the base of its head, the way the herpetologists do on TV.

The crazy guy then went to the machine shop office to show the supervisor. I followed. I doubted I would ever have another chance to follow someone carrying a big snake into an office, so I didn't want to squander the opportunity.

"Hey, look what I found," the crazy guy said to the supervisor.

The supervisor looked up from his computer and said, "What is that?" His reaction disappointed me. You'd think he would have jumped up and screamed, "Get that fucking snake out of here, you lunatic!" No, he just looked at it.

The crazy guy said he was going to take it outside to let it go. Then he went around the machine shop showing it whoever hadn't seen it yet. He was careful not to show it to the women.

Later at lunch I heard someone say that he had actually gotten the snake outside and brought it in. I have no idea if that's true or not, but considering how the crazy guy is, it's not entirely out of the question.

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