Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Technological Breakthrough!

They finally hired me on Monday, so now I'm a full-fledged employee of Spacely Sprockets instead of just a temp. Yippee. Anyway, now that I'm an actual employee, I have to start punching the clock. But really there's no clock to punch, instead they have a hand-scanner. I was really impressed when I heard they had a hand-scanner instead of a typically bland apparatus so the employees can punch in and out.

Today, I got to actually use the thing and get instructed on how to use it. You don't simply stick your hand in it, get it scanned, and then go to work. No, you have to punch in your I.D. number, press ENTER, and then scan your hand. If I have to punch in numbers, then why do I have to have my hand scanned? And if I have to have my hand scanned, then why do I have to punch in numbers?

The 21st century hasn't impressed me so far.

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