Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My Record Collection

Nothing interesting happened at work today, so I can't regale you with tales of the crazy guy running around with dynamite strapped to his chest while brandishing several Fleet enemas. No, that'll probably be next week.

Instead of tales of work dementia, I'm posting a scan of a record I bought at the Salvation Army on Saturday morning. It's a Liberace seven-inch 78. No, I didn't know they made 78 RPM records that small either.

My favorite thing about it is that it's a giveaway from the Star Furniture Company. Also, the orchestra was directed by Liberace's brother, George. Remember when Bugs Bunny would imitate Liberace and go on about, "My brother, George"? No? What the hell, people? Didn't you watch cartoons when you were growing up? No? You were watching Meet the Press instead? Madness. No wonder you all turned out like you did.

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