Friday, April 04, 2008

Working in a coal mine

The crazy guy at work was out for a second day in a row, so I thought I was in for another peaceful day, but another guy was working close-by. I was under the impression this guy was relatively sane, but after listening to him talk and talk I've come to conclusion he's somewhat insane himself.

My first clue to his derangement was when he suddenly said, "See that guy over there in the door?" I looked over and saw a guy I didn't recognize standing in the doorway of my supervisor's office. "I bet that guy's gay. He probably sucks dicks. I always see him walking around like this," and he mimed a limp-wristed motion.

A bit later he inexplicably launched into an attack on a mild woman who works in quality control. She's apparently picky when it comes to approving parts that come out of the machine shop. Picky enough that he said, "I'd like to catch her in a dark alley and beat the hell out of her." Keep in mind that this a twenty year old guy talking about a limping overweight woman who's probably in her late fifties. Then he said, "Have you ever heard her sneeze? Drives me crazy. Every time I hear it I want to go back there and hit her in the head with a ball-pein hammer."

Thankfully he went home early and the rest of the day was quiet.

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