Tuesday, April 29, 2008


If you've been wondering what's been going on in my life (and I certainly hope you haven't), don't worry; I have no life, so there's no problem. But you need to tell us anyway! There's nothing to tell. Really, it's all quite dull and doesn't make for interesting reading even for a blog.

What about work? You never write about work anymore. Why don't you write about work? Well, nothing worth mentioning has happened at work recently, so there was nothing to write about. Although, today I was awarded employee of the month. I got a t-shirt I won't wear and a lunch box I won't use. Whoopee!

Also, the crazy guy (who's been disappointingly dull of late) said to me this morning, "I have a serious chemical imbalance in my brain." No kidding, I thought. He'd mentioned to me before that he has ADHD and he thought he was going to have his meds toned down because they were making him to crazy. No kidding, I thought again. He and I make an odd pair and I'm surprised we can even remotely get on the same wavelength seeing that he's so manic and I'm so depressive.

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