Monday, April 09, 2007

Too much paranoias

The internet paranoia continues. Yesterday morning I opened my Yahoo mail account and saw there was a message from some My Space person. (Yes, I have a My Space account which I never, ever use. One of you, who shall remain nameless, semi-badgered me into getting it a couple of years ago so I could read their stuff during their brief(?) obsession with My Space.) The only email I get from My Space people are from the occasional cam whore, and even that's kind of rare.

I logged into My Space and looked into my messages. The first one I saw had a subject that was my name (with the last name) and several question marks. Naturally, I began to panic wondering who had tracked me down this time. Maybe it was my old gym teacher, Mr. Whatshisname. That red-faced little freak, I'd like to mash his head. But I digress.

So I read the message, which was from some girl asking if I was the same Scott that went to some high school I've never heard of. How did she get my last name? My last name isn't anywhere on the damn My Space page. The only information there is the name Scott, my age, and the state I live in. Nothing else. No links. No photos. No posts of any kind. Nothing. Was it was just a total shot in the dark on her part? She saw my name was Scott, that I was the right age (I guess), and that I live in Virginia? And she somehow got my last name right? Bizarre.

I sent her a message through My Space (the first time I've ever done this, really) and told her she had the wrong Scott. She sent a quick reply saying she was sorry and wished my a happy Easter. And for some reason she changed her avatar from a picture of a dog on a couch to a photo of herself. Whatever. I still don't know who she is, but it kind of creeps me out.

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