Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Grazing the con

I took the blog on the road this weekend. Well, kinda. Sherri and husband went to RavenCon in Richmond, so I went up to meet them. Since my sister lives up there, I figured it wouldn't be that big of a deal to go up one day, stay overnight, come back the next day, and go to work. Of course it didn't go quite so smoothly.

The bus was supposed to leave at 10:30 AM saturday. By 10:35 the bus was nowhere to be seen. Then we got news that it had broken down in Greensboro. Typical. This basically screwed up everything. So much for my tight schedule. I ended up waiting for two hours for a replacement bus to show up.

In Richmond, hours later, my sister (who for some reason stayed at the bus station to meet me rather than leaving my two hour late ass there) and I walked to her new apartment. Oh, and it was pouring down rain. Also, her apartment was almost two and half miles away. And I had no umbrella, only a light jacket with a very non-waterproof hood.

After walking forever, we paused in front of 7-11. My sister said, "If you want anything to eat, you better get it here because I don't have any food in the apartment." Lovely. We both got sandwiches. The guy behind the counter put everyone's purchases in plastic bags except mine, which went into a paper bag. Yeah, it's funny giving the soaking wet guy a paper bag.

By the time we got to her apartment and out of the soaking wet shoes and socks it was kind of too late to go the convention. So that meant I wouldn't get to gawk at chunky girls in chainmail bikinis and snicker at bad costumes. Crap. And I brought my camera for nothing.

I called Sherri and had a difficult conversation because cellphones suck and conventions are too damn noisy for phone conversations. We decided to just get together at their hotel and have some takeout.

So after six, we met at their hotel where a lot of the convention folk were staying. Sherri's already covered part of this episode at her blog, so I'll try to touch on the stuff she didn't mention.

I was totally exhausted by this time and had only slept maybe an hour in the previous 24, but it didn't really start to hit me until after we'd talked about an hour. I was really starting to get out of it. My eyes would close and I would immediately start dreaming, then jerk awake.

We talked a lot about god knows what. There was another girl there whose name I can't remember. She had three pairs of Doc Martins for some reason. There was Chinese food. I had beef lo mein, which I'd never eaten. Quite good. Sherri gave me a pen that lights up in different colors and had the word "Gatorland" on it. Sherri's husband Jay was making a ridiculously intricate ring out of wire. Sherri and my jewelry-making sister talked about making jewelry quite a bit while I struggled to stay awake. At one point, I found myself face down on the bed and Jay was giving me a massage. (He's a masseuse, among other things.) I've never had a massage before and never really wanted one, unless of course it was given to me by a beautiful naked girl covered in oil, but that's another story. I was too tired to be tense, so giving me a massage at that point was probably like massaging a rump roast. (Speaking of which.)

Eventually the evening wound down and we left. Outside the hotel two guys had a slow light saber fight in front of a shuttle-bus. I wanted to take a picture, but I was too tired to bother.

The guy driving our taxi was from Africa, I think. I couldn't figure out why there was no bulletproof window between us and the driver like the ones I'd always seen on TV and the movies, but we didn't rob him, so it didn't matter.

Back at my sister's apartment I slept on the cat hair-covered futon. The next morning I ate Pringles for breakfast.

Later at home I passed out on my bed and didn't wake up until about five minutes before I usually leave for work. I quickly got dressed and left. Somehow I managed to stay awake the whole night. Well, kinda.

So, how was your weekend?

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