Thursday, April 06, 2006

Gainful employment

This morning at work I was looking at a listing of various products we distribute and saw an odd abbreviation. I got up and went out into the warehouse to one of the production areas to actually see the product in question. I found it quickly enough. The box label read, "Squishy Potty Putty". I opened the box and saw little plastic toilets. On the lid of the toilet was a label with a cartoon of a horrified man being confronted with a dung-filled toilet. This is the kind of item I exhaust myself moving from one place in the warehouse to another.

The box label also had the name of the product in French: "Toilette avec Excréments", which I found amusing for some reason. And if you don't know, avec means with.

Also, while looking for an example of this fine product online, I found out that what we in the US call Silly Putty, people in the UK inexplicably call Potty Putty.

Some of the other wholesome, tasteful products we distribute are joke fart horns, fake vomit, and fake doggie poop.

And for no reason, here's a link to a site with pictures and video of people with too much time on their hands dropping a 50 pound ball of Silly Putty off a multi-story parking garage.

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