Saturday, May 03, 2008

Dune terminology of no use to any sane person

OK, this isn't the type of stuff I usually post, so people might actually like it.

Back in 1984 or so, my sister and I went to go see David Lynch's universally reviled adaptation of Dune. I remember the theater was nearly empty and no one even bothered to tear my ticket when I went in. My sister was handed several glossy sheets paper as she went in and she gave me a couple of them. They turned out to be a glossary of Dune words that I imagine some studio dork thought movie-goers would actually consult to make the film more understandable. Sure. No one pointed out to the studio that you can't read in a damn movie theater while the movie's playing because it's frickin' dark.

I don't even think I knew what the sheets were until I got home and actually looked at them. They ended up pressed in a large hardback book and that's where they've been for the past twenty-plus years.

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