Monday, May 05, 2008


I'd like to thank the person who crashed into the tree across the road from my house for giving me a blog post today. I had nothing at all to write about, but instead of scrambling around at the last moment to slap something substandard together, something actually happed that I can write about. It's still not very interesting though. Sorry.

As I got home from work I saw police cars, an ambulance, a tow truck, a fire truck, and a wrecked car blocking off the road only feet past the driveway. The phones are now knocked out because they hit the green phonebox thing that sticks out of the ground. Thankfully, I now have high speed cable internet. Boy would I be pissed if I was still on dial-up.

The driver? I have no idea, but I doubt they were seriously injured because this seemed like an awfully casual crash scene.

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