Sunday, June 04, 2006

Monsters want our women!

A few weeks ago I watched Creature from the Black Lagoon again. I wasn't planning on watching much of it, but I ended devouring the whole thing instead of napping like I'd wanted. (I live for napping.)

It's a great monster flick, but it made me wonder why it was that in so many of these types of movies the monster killed the men and carried the women away? What were the monsters going to do with the women? I, and all the other straight men watching Creature from the Black Lagoon, know what we'd like to do to Julie Adams, but did the gill-man harbor similar urges? Apparently, he did, but it's never mentioned in the movie at all. There's no scene where any of the male characters say anything like, "The monster wants a mate, so we better lock up whatshername and tell her to stop jiggling around in that bathing suit." But the original movie posters leave nothing to the imagination. One states bluntly, "Terrifying monster of the ages raging with pent-up passions! ...with every man his mortal enemy ...and a woman's beauty his prey!" And on another poster, "Centuries of passion pent up in his savage heart!"

So, in the 50's there was this deep-seated fear that monsters would be canoodling our womenfolk? I thought the 50's was all about commies. You know, commies canoodling our womenfolk. (Oddly, in the poster for one of the two Black Lagoon sequels, The Creature Walks Among Us, the monster appears to be wearing pants while on his rampage in some big US city after he escapes his captors. I can imagine a scene where the guy running the zoo/freak show/whatever says something like, "Somebody put some pants on that thing!" Of course he ran around nekkid all through the first movie.)

So monsters do want out women! Somebody should make a website about this! Oh, look, they already have. At least two of them actually. Giants and Girls [not all safe for work] is devoted to monsters, aliens, mutants, etc. chasing and carrying away beautiful women. Lots of nice galleries if you just stick to the old movie stills and ignore the creepy computer "erotic" art. It's more of fetish site than a purely movie buff site, but interesting none the less. The other site, In My Arms, is devoted to the "carry phenomenon", which is basically just monsters, aliens, robots, mutants, and just regular old run of the mill human men carrying unconscious women. Needless to say, this is also a bit of a fetish site and probably not all safe for work.

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